Job Management Cloud Software

Manage your jobs
with ease.

Magnetize brings all of your jobs & accounts into one easy to use platform. Use it anywhere in the world on any android or apple device.

Lose the paperwork and convert your daily job processing into a quick and easy to use digital system.

Job Scheduling Job Scheduling mobile

Job Scheduling

Lose the paperwork.

Magnetize brings all of your current management systems, into one easy to use platform. It deals with all parts of your business in one place and can be used anywhere in the world on any android or apple device.

  • Track every job from Prospect to Completion
  • Job Status - set priority work and assign colours to tasks
  • Complete overview of your workload
  • Access job information wherever & whenever you want
  • Find anything relating to a job in seconds

Colour Code your jobs

Colour code all of your jobs, from prospects to completion. Get complete visual clarity over your job scheduling & flag any important events.

Mobile Connectivity

Stay connected anywhere in the world with our robust mobile application. Available on Iphone & Android.

Job Dashboard

Get a complete visual overview of your business. Including Notice boards, detailed summaries, and everything relating to a job held on the job file.

Quoting & Invoicing

Generate a quote or invoice in minutes.

Easily build quotes and estimates and turn them into invoices in the click of a button when you're ready to collect payment.

  • Directly import supplier & client details from Xero & MYOB
  • Create templates for quick quoting related work
  • Create & email client quotes in minutes
  • Instantly create a job from an accepted quote
  • Track profitability

Purchase Orders

Magnetize ensures you keep control of all expenditure through the issue of job specific purchase orders.

Import your paperwork

Easily turn all your paperwork into digital documents. Quickly sign off any paperwork on your mobile device. Accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Increase profits

Save thousands of dollars in accounting & administration costs. And increase client satisfaction.

Account Managment

Accounts & Integration

Magnetize fully integrates with Xero, MYOB & Quickbooks. At the click of a button keep your accounts in sync.

  • Send sales invoices in one click
  • Sync customers & suppliers to Magnetize
  • Integrate all job costs and avoid double entry
  • Invoice as soon as jobs are completed
  • Track actual job profitability

Integrated with Xero

Integrated with MYOB

Integrated with Quickbooks

Custom features

We can tailor to your specific needs.

We understand that your business is unique. We work with small and large businesses to tailor business solutions that work for them.

  • Adaptable and flexible core software platform
  • Easily implement enhancements to our system
  • We can deploy a solution that works to incorporate and enhance with your existing processes or aspirations.

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Track profitability

With detailed graphs and overviews you can easily check how your business benefits from using Magnetize.

Remove waste

No more desk planner or diary. With everything being digital you can clear out the clutter and manage your entire business at your fingertips.

Need a new feature?

Is there something specific you need for your business? No problem! We can create custom functionality specially for your business.

Secure & Accessible

Your data is yours.

Your system is 100% secure. Hosted in the cloud and multiple locations, you can rest assured that your business is protected with world class business protocols.

  • No one has access to your data but you
  • Multiple off-site backups ensure that your data is safe
  • Back-ups for all of your data so nothing goes missing

Cloud based

Accidents can happen, errors can occur, that's why we are always backing up your data so nothing gets lost.

Operate from anywhere

With our world class system, you can use any phone or tablet to operate your business on the go!

Environmentally friendly

With a paper-free work environment, this also means your business has a lower carbon footprint.

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