HVAC Airconditioning Job Scheduling Software

We understand you have unique challenges around job, people and asset management.

Magnetize helps HVAC Contractors schedulemultiple contracts in multiple locations and enables them to manage Peopleassets and Production from anywhere through iOS and Android apps. Removing theneed for multiple data entry and ensuring paperwork is delivered in real time.

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Check out our new Digital Health Checklist

Take our 20 second test to see if magnetize is right for you

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At Magnetize, we connect your entire business within one simple, streamlined system. Designed by trade business owners, for trade business owners, you’ll have your business at your finger tips, giving you the ability to manage jobs, assets, people, compliance, quoting and invoicing in real time.

Client endorsements...


“Before the inception of the Magnetize software, keeping up to date with job logs and reporting was taking hours a day, as everything was hand written and due to multiple worksites and locations with the a variety of plant + equipment this equalled a ton of manual reports and handwriting.”


Kris Hines

Long Term Magnetize User


Unify your data for smarter information management.


Customise Magnitize according to your business and needs.


Make short work of digitising your forms and data automatically.


Protect your business with customisable user permissions and a private domain.


Manage the information that matters to you


Get your knowledge from the cloud, with an interface that doesn’t hurt the eyes.

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