Staff & Equipment Cloud Software

Complete visibility. Lose the deskplanner.

You'll be able to make decisions swiftly and with clarity. Operate from anywhere in your world and remove the issue of double booking staff & equipment already on a job.

Job Scheduling Job Scheduling mobile

Staff Management

View staff allocation and locations

Magnetize makes it easy to manage your team and communicate in real time. We ensure that your people have all of the information they need to schedule their day, take the right equipment with nothing outstanding. Our clients love Magnetize, its simple to use and gets rid of annoying paperwork with everything they need at the tip of their fingers.

  • Linked to Google earth never miss a job again
  • Manage your workforce smartly with easy employee scheduling linked to your calendar
  • Consolidate all your notes, quotes, emails & documents. All Job info in one place under each job hosted in the cloud right at your fingertips
  • Assess the availability of every team member to book jobs as they come in

Stay Updated

All information about hours worked can be manually reviewed at any stage with realtime job information. See what hours your team work and what is being invoiced

Upload Photos

A picture tells a thousand words. Upload any image to job files for circulation.

Calendar View

All staff & equipment details are all held on a calendar. It's easy to identify non-assigned people or equipment and assign them to other jobs.

Equipment Management

Assign & track equipment. Get full visibility.

Whether you’re a Large company with Hundreds of pieces of equipment or a smaller business with a couple of vans Magnetize ensures you have complete visibility of what job your gear is on, what is assigned to jobs and what is available or out of action.

  • Group all of your equipment from Power tools to excavators and have complete visibility as to where and when equipment is available
  • Sort by equipment type and see what’s available at a glance on your calendar or create a list
  • Hover over any job and get a pop up job summary
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Maintenance features

Magnetize enables you to schedule maintenance for equipment and block out gear that can't be used.

Customisable reports

You can easily customise and tailor reports for use in your business or sending to clients.

Location tracking

Currently Magnetize integrates with Fleetpin, ensuring all gear is tracked and all reporting information is captured for use in management, reports & invoicing.


Inventory & Stock Management

Whether you are a Civil business charging out diesel and oil an Electrician with 1,000’s of consumable items or a manufacturer turning material into a product like a kitchen bench top. Magnetize ensures nothing slips through the cracks and your jobs are charged correctly.

  • Create consumable groups
  • Price everything at cost and set up Client Price Lists
  • Enhanced Inventory and Stock Management
  • Correct Quoting, Job costing and Invoicing

Import Consumables

With our easy to use system, you can import Consumables and Supplier information from XERO or MYOB.

Operate Anywhere

Whether you use all of your consumables on jobs or are a Manufacturer turning them into another product. You can use any phone or tablet to operate your business on the go!

No stock too big or small

Big or small these things you use or charge out in your business cost you money. Efficiently pass these costs onto jobs and account for what you use in your business direct.

Health & Safety

No more folders or paperwork.

All of your health & safety, compliance and daily paperwork is digitised on the Magnetize system for ease of access by all users.

  • All your documentation digitized
  • Customise any form
  • Upload any photos to job folders
  • Site specific documents all available on the app
  • On-site digital sign-off on any document


All in one database.

Communticate with clients and staff instantly, anytime, anywhere.

  • Your data is yours. No-one can access your information but you and your team.
  • Levels of staff access are set by you
  • All staff have access to job information that applies to them
  • Easily implement changes to the Magnetize system, and instantly update the team
  • Clients can be informed instantly, ensuring any variations are authorised

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