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  • Everything from quote to invoice
  • Ditch the paperwork
  • Log your time in a second
  • Schedule jobs in a click

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We've worked with Kiwi businesses to supercharge how they manage jobs, staff and equipment. Say goodbye to messy whiteboards, outdated spreadsheets and endless paperwork!

Track Jobs from Quote to Invoice and everything in Between

Magnetize gives you full visibility of your jobs. It’s so quick and simple, you’ll wonder how you managed without it before! All job information is stored securely, in one place, in the cloud. Access it from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Quick Quotes and Estimates

Magnetize enables you to create a quote in seconds from your ratebook, and send it to your client to be accepted. You can bundle ratebook items together for frequently requested services, customise the quote template and define your terms of service. Your brand, your terms, your way.

Scheduling Superpower

Easily schedule all your jobs, people and equipment. The Magnetize calendar lets you drag and drop jobs to instantly schedule (and reschedule) them. If work gets extended, simply click and drag the job to extend it across more days. All with 100% visibility of the whole team.

Ditch the Paperwork

No paper, no double entry! Magnetize enables you ditch the paperwork and ensure everything is accounted for. All your health and safety, site specific, checklists and prestart documents are easily uploaded into the easy-to-use app and saved in the job timeline.

Empower your People

With the Magnetize app, your staff can log their time, consumables and equipment used, while there on the job. They’ll have visibility of the job details, customer contact details and health and safety files, so you can focus on the task at hand. And they’ll be able to upload notes, photos and files you need for the client.

Log time

No more timesheets! Staff can log their time in Magnetize as they go about their work day. Travel, leave, yard and other non-job time can easily be added, and brought into whatever payroll system you use. No double entry or lost costs, so everyone can be paid on time.


Get visibility of your trucks, excavators or other equipment, like you've always wanted. Magnetize enables you see where all your equipment is booked for the days and weeks ahead. Upload before and after photo records from your phone, and check the timeline for a record of where your equipment has been.

Easy Invoice

Create real-time invoices by reconciling what was quoted vs what was logged on the job. Ensure all your costs are accounted for before sending Invoices to XERO and you clients.

Accounting Integration

Magnetize integrates seamlessly with XERO online accounting systems enabling you to invoice quickly attach any job specific information to Invoices better manage your cashflow and ensure no costs are not billed to a job or cost centre.

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Next Level Civil - Ryan Ruthe

"When looking at a number of solutions, the Magnetize team were a breath of fresh air. They really get out business... Magnetize has transformed our business."

Ryan Ruthe
Managing Director

Next Level Civil

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We believe simple solutions are often the best solutions. So you get everything you need in one plan, that adjusts to fit your business. Easy.

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Complete start-to-end job management

Full Users for $60 per user/month

  • Full access
  • Create and schedule jobs
  • Quote, invoice and edit rates
  • Manage equipment and consumables

Staff Users for $12 per user/month

  • Mobile app
  • See assigned jobs
  • Log time, equipment, consumables
  • Log notes, files and photos

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"I'm a business owner who's hands on and onsite, constantly visiting and auditing jobs. The best thing about Magnetize is that I have visibility on every part of the business no matter where I am in the country. It’s brilliant, no more waiting for paperwork and complete visibility for me and my team."

Lauren Sherwin
Managing Director / Owner


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