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We're here to shake up the world of Job Enablement and make sure that New Zealand businesses get the best of the best - in capability and in service - and are powered up for today and tomorrow. We're a company where every client means the world to Us!

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Scott Sherwin - Magnetize Director

Scott Sherwin


Scott has been a part of Magnetize since its inception. As the Operations Manager for PRO DRILL, he was responsible for pricing and tenders, project management, account enquiries and was the IT specialist for the business nationwide. Before joining the Management team at PRO DRILL, he was on the tools for 16 years as one of New Zealand’s most Competent Geotechnical Drillers.

Magnetize started in our drilling business PRO DRILL. I moved into the office and thought there’s got to be a better way. We were operating off whiteboards, spreadsheets, desk planners. Running off a bunch of apps and with solid growth, we were scaling up chaos. We were trying to find a solution to our business and scheduling problems. There was nothing in the market that met our standards, could schedule equipment as well as our staff, and what was available was complicated and overwhelming. We built and continue to enhance our world-leading system. As they say, the rest is history.

Paul Lyons - CEO

Paul Lyons


Paul has a diverse background in Investment Banking and Advisory, working for 18 years across a broad range of industries in various senior roles spanning start-ups, business restructures, divestments and closures.

With a vast business network, Paul's experience spans many industries, including Insurance, Investment Management, Land Investment, Development and Subdivision, Farming, Construction, Heavy Plant and Machinery, Waste Management, Meatworks and Tanneries, Roading and Infrastructure, Quarries and Landfills, Concrete and Asphalt production, Mineral Exploration, Transport, Tourism and Technology.

Before this, Paul held senior roles in the Investment Management Industry, helping build some of the most successful Funds Management and Insurance Brands in Australasia, including Southpac Investment Management, an Australasian investment banking subsidiary of NBNZ and Lloyds Bank Plc, Bankers Trust, ANZ Funds and Insurance, and Countrywide Bank.

Brianna Christy - Designer, Marketing and Strategy

Briana Christey

Strategic Advisor UX Design, Marketing and Strategy.

Briana, is one of New Zealand’s most talented, passionate and creative UX/UI Designers. Briana leverages her extensive relationships and engages leading software development teams to create World class digital user interfaces (UI) that deliver an optimal user experience (UX). As a UX/UI Designer, Briana designs software that is intuitive, helpful, and enjoyable to use.

Briana says; “With Magnetize, we've hit the nail on the head for an industry that was crying out for better”. 

“What I love most about being a UX/UI designer is the satisfaction that comes from designing software features that genuinely make people's lives easier. Software architecture can be really complex, and so is human psychology, but the best digital applications are the ones that feel simple. My goal is to make sure that businesses get the best of the best - in capability and in service - and are powered up for today and tomorrow.

And that's why I do it.“

Russell Sherwin - Magnetize Director

Russell Sherwin


In 1987 Russell established his drilling business PRO DRILL. Over the last 34 years, PRO DRILL has grown to be the leading geotechnical drilling company in New Zealand. Russell has always been a leader and an early adopter, constantly striving at every level to innovate and improve. Russell is an Investor and director of several private companies and brings considerable leadership and commercial experience to the business.