Our Story

Magnetize brings all of your current management systems into one easy to use platform. It deals with all parts of your business in one place and can be used anywhere in the world on any android or apple device.


The Christchurch earthquakes kicked us into gear

Our Drilling company became involved in what would end up being the biggest geotechnical investigation in the world.

2011 christchurch earthquake

375,000m of Geotech coring = 4600 pieces of paperwork

We needed to get organized - fast. There was nothing on the market that would consolidate all of our needs onto one platform - so we did what any kiwi does when the going gets tough, we decided to build the solution ourselves

Magnetize worker


Magnetize was created in real-time, to solve real problems. We created an iPad based platform that brought our entire business together. With a little bit of ingenuity, and a whole lot of hard work, we created software that allowed us to manage our entire business, in real-time, on the go.

Game Changing

After years of refinement, we've made it easy for you. Give us an old fashioned call or contact us