Magnetize for administrators

Managing accounts has never been easier

Keeping track of your whole team, organising payroll and managing accounts has never been easier. With your accounting software seamlessly integrated, you can ditch the paperwork, get the team paid on time and keep the accounts up to date without the headaches.

Accounting Integration - Magnetize

Accounting Integration

Magnetize integrates seamlessly with XERO online accounting systems enabling you to invoice quickly attach any job specific information to Invoices better manage your cashflow and ensure no costs are not billed to a job or cost centre.

Easy and reliable payroll

No more timesheets! Staff can log their time in Magnetize as they go about their work day. Travel, leave, yard and other non-job time can easily be added, and brought into whatever payroll system you use. No double entry or lost costs, so everyone can be paid on time.

Track Jobs from Quote to Invoice and everything in Between

Ditch the Paperwork with a virtual Job Timeline that captures every action on every job. Stored securely forever Operate with clarity on any device anywhere Anytime.

Scheduling Superpower

Easily schedule all your job, People, Equipment and Teams. Quickly turn a quote or estimate into a job. Reschedule or move to an unassigned job list track quotes and estimates and Fill the Gaps and reorganize with an easy click and drag.All with 100% visibility to the whole team.

Easy Invoice

Create real-time invoices by reconciling what was quoted vs what was logged on the job. Ensure all your costs are accounted for before sending Invoices to XERO and your clients.

Ditch the paperwork

No paper, no double entry! Magnetize enables you ditch the paperwork and ensure everything is accounted for. All your health and safety, site specific, checklists and prestart documents are easily uploaded into the easy-to-use app and saved in the job timeline.

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