Magnetize is Job Management Software, But Not as You Know it

Built for businesses that schedule people and equipment, Magnetize is the simplest solution to help real companies level up their operations with our world-class, purpose-built job management software solution. Having listened to what the drilling, civil, construction and trades industries really need, there are numerous ways in which Magnetize can benefit the very core of your company. Easy to use and replacing a large percentage of paperwork, Magnetize will take a weight off your shoulders and let you get on with the real mahi. Try Magnetize for free by activating your 30-day free trial.


Power up your drilling and geo reporting with Live GeoTM by Magnetize, built by drillers for drillers. One app, zero paperwork.

With the Live Geo app, your team will log drilling and geotechnical data onsite in just a few clicks. Log GPS location, drilling techniques, SPT & CPT tests, casing type and depth, soil layer types, water levels, piezo depths and more. All logs are saved to Magnetize for faster, smarter reporting, which you can view from any device, anywhere and send to your customer in one click.

Civil & Earthmoving

Maintain smooth running operations with fit-for-purpose job management software, providing full visibility and full control of your jobs.

With Magnetize for Civil & Earthmoving businesses, you can schedule both people and equipment with the same tool. Laying the foundation with the right technology, jobs will be streamlined making it easier to complete projects on time and on budget. Cut down on paperwork by empowering staff to log time, equipment and consumables as they go. A simple solution to scheduling people, equipment and invoicing.


Achieve operational excellence with the power of Magnetize. A powerful organisational and scheduling tool to improve the efficiency of your construction projects by ensuring all consumables, equipment and time is accurately logged in one place.

Prevent the need to chase for staff timesheets, health and safety documentation, unaccounted consumables and unorganised job information. Magnetize for construction is the right tool for the job, giving you a purpose-made system to keep track of your jobs in one effective system.

Trades & Services

A complete start-to-end job tool that can be accessed anywhere, any time, any place. Keep all your job information in one secure place with Magnetize.

Mobilise your workforce by scheduling staff and equipment with one straightforward job management software to achieve speed-to-work unlike ever before. Track jobs, provide immediate quotes and allow Magnetize to take care of invoicing with our labour-saving technology making it easy to deliver a higher standard of customer service.

Concrete Contractors

Magnetize is a specialised software system designed to enhance job management for businesses like yours. It empowers you to elevate your operations, enhance customer service and achieve unprecedented efficiency.

In industries such as concrete work, including formwork, placement of steel reinforcement, batching, mixing, delivery, placing, finishing, and curing - having a job management software system becomes crucial for staying organised and effectively tracking jobs. With Magnetize, you can streamline your processes, enabling your business to thrive.

Roofing Contractors

Roofing Contractors


Agricultural Contractors




Landscape Contractors

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