Magnetize for your staff

One app
Zero paperwork

All of your jobs, equipment and timelogs all in one place. No more wasting time with paperwork and unwieldy clipboards. Take Magnetize with you anywhere you go, on any device.

Timelogs on mobile - Magnetize

Empower your staff with the purpose-built mobile app

All Magnetize plans include a mobile app for staff. It’s designed to empower staff with full visibility of jobs they’re scheduled for.

In a few simple clicks, staff can record their time, equipment, consumables, notes and photos, as they go about their work day.

  • Dates they’re scheduled for
  • Team members and equipment also scheduled
  • Consumables
  • Files, such as site information and H&S documents
  • Job contact details
  • A job timeline, including notes and photos

So simple, no training is required

We’ve designed the mobile app to be so simple and easy, that staff can just pick it up and go without any formal training.

There are two main parts to the app:

  1. Jobs - Staff will see all the jobs assigned them, and update them as they go
  2. My time - Staff will see all their time logs, add yard time and more.

To get your team started, just add them as new users in Magnetize. Your plan will adjust automatically and we’ll send them a link to download the app and set their password. Once they’re in, they’ll see all the jobs you’ve assigned to them. Sorted!

No training required - Magnetize
Rodney Campbell from Pro-Drill

“The Magnetize app is awesome. It’s easy-to-use and quick. 

I can see every job I’m on, and any changes. I can log my time and all the consumables. We used to be drowning in paperwork now all of our documents including health & safety are on the app. 

When I take notes and photos, it’s all saved to an awesome job timeline. It’s transformed the way we operate”

Rodney Campbell


Log time

No more timesheets! The time logger feature is a gamechanger, and one we’re really excited about. In just two clicks, staff can log their time on each job as they go about their work day. Travel and yard time time can also be added. No paper, double entry or lost costs, so everyone can be paid accurately and on time.


Magnetize gives you a full record of consumables used by staff on jobs. In the mobile app, staff can see consumables quoted to the customer and then log what they’ve used. Then when it comes to invoicing, you simply choice whether to bill quoted or actuals. No missed costs!


In the mobile app, staff can see equipment you’ve scheduled on the job. In just a few clicks, they can record equipment hours as well any pre-start checklists, notes and photos you need for tidy records. Magnetize enables you to get full visibility of your equipment and invoice customers with confidence.

Job timeline

Ditch the paperwork! Health & safety, site specific, prestart checklists and documents relevant to your job are downloadable from the app, and can be easily upload into the job timeline. Staff can save instantly save notes and photos, while there on the job.

Mark the job as complete!

When the mahi is done, staff can mark the job as complete from the mobile app. In Magnetize, you’ll see the job is ready to be reviewed, closed and billed in Magnetize.

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