Case Study - Kiwi Hire & Sales

“Scott and the Magnetize team stood out from the competition. They listened, communicated well and delivered a solution tailored for Kiwi Hire”

- James Worker

Kiwi Hire & Sales are a one-stop equipment rental, sales, and service company supplying clients with all manner of civil and construction equipment including Trucks, Rollers, Excavators Dumpers and loaders throughout New Zealand from their Auckland based yard. 

With hundreds of clients and a substantial national fleet of equipment to keep track of and an ever-changing schedule of jobs numbering into the thousands per year. 

James Worker the owner of Kiwi Hire and his Operations Manager Max Morgenstern were desperate to replace the mix of processes they had with one system, track their equipment and get rid of paperwork. 

We researched the market there were a lot of systems some tailored for the hire industry others for Trades and everything in between. We quickly became sick of being told “this is how you should do it”. That attitude wasn’t going to work for us as we know how we want to run our business. We needed functionality and flexibility but knew how we wanted to operate and what we wanted to do and measure. A key issue was we wanted a system that could integrate with our GPS solution from our long term relationship with the team at Fleetpin and this was not negotiable.

Scott and the Magnetize team stood out from the competition, they have a great system but importantly they listened and took the time to understand what we wanted and created enhancements to Magnetize to accommodate the “Kiwi Hire Way”. Communication was excellent.

“They also integrated Magnetize with Fleetpin. Ironically the two companies have nearly identical philosophies focused on relationships and the client which suits us down to the ground as we are the same. - said James”

We now run our whole business on Magnetize; from cash sales, Quotes, delivery and pickups right through to invoicing. There are a lot of fantastic features; the ability to colour code our processes, take photos and save all information to job files. All of our paperwork is now digitized, and importantly the whole team now have instant access to any changes and we can all operate from anywhere via the Apps.

“Magnetize has transformed the way we do business. One system integrates everything we do. Complete visibility and no more paperwork.”Max Morgenstien - Operations Manager