Case Study - ProDrill

"When I take notes and photos, it’s all saved to an awesome job timeline. It’s transformed the way we operate"

Rodney Campbell


“At our peak ProDrill was generating over 4500 pieces of paperwork a month! There is no way we would have coped without Magnetize.”- Russell Sherwin

When Christchurch, New Zealand was hit with a string of catastrophic earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, Christchurch needed to rebuild, and this resulted in the largest geotechnical investigation in the world.

For Russel Sherwin’s drilling firm, ProDrill, this meant they needed to innovate fast to meet the demands of this colossal geotechnical project. PRO DRILL Was juggling multiple systems clunky processes and facing a huge amount of double entry of data. “None of our systems integrated with our Accounting system XERO. We were quoting on EXCEL, planning on a whiteboard and most of our daily site-specific forms were being done on paper and often out of date. We had no visibility of our Jobs, People and equipment including Vehicles and drilling rigs!”. In addition the level of administration required to run the business with the huge increase in work meant that PRO DRILL was looking at hiring three additional accounts and administration staff and a full time Quality and Health and safety officer.

We have saved thousands in administration costs.

While the paperwork that was flying into (and around) and the ProDrill office needed to be consolidated and systemised, Job Scheduling, Staff and site administration needed to be streamlined too.

Magnetize has enabled the ProDrill team to schedule jobs, assets, people, compliance and invoicing in real time, on-the-go.

Contractors, asset management, daily movement of rigs, site specific requirements, daily site logs, health and safety documentation, operational procedures, quoting and invoicing were all brought into the same, easy-to use system. With their operations streamlined, Russel and the team were able create more time, reduce overheads and, most importantly, operate from anywhere in the world on the Magnetize app. Magnetize has solved our real-time business problems and meet real-time business needs. resulting in a totally intuitive system, that works hard for us, ensuring we remain an industry leader.