Magnetize for Trades & Services

Magnetize is purpose-built for operational efficiency, so your construction business can finish jobs on time and on budget with all consumables, equipment and staff time logged in one place.

Manage your jobs anywhere, any time

Magnetize is a purpose-built job management software system that is helping businesses like yours to level-up their operations, deliver a better service for customers and achieve speed-to-work unlike ever before. In the trades and services industries, no two days are ever the same. In an ever-changing landscape, an agile job management software system is essential for staying organised and tracking jobs.

Track jobs anywhere anytime - Magnetize

Complete Job Tool

Offering a complete start-to-end job tool, keep all job information in one sure place that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Rid your company of clunky job forms and spreadsheets. In the trades and services, job information is frequently scattered with a lack of job status visibility. Create, quote and schedule a job in literally seconds.

Quotes & Invoicing

With Magnetize, you can easily track jobs from quotes to invoices and everything in between. Make instant invoices and efficiently amend with smart software that offers flexibility and purpose-made solutions to streamline the quoting and invoicing process.

Scheduling Superpower

Having a clear understanding of when jobs are assigned and who they are assigned to is essential for the smooth running of trades and services. By having access to all job information and up to the minute updates whilst onsite or on the road, Magnetize provides scheduling software that makes scheduling your new superpower.

Magnetize App

The Magnetize smart desktop and mobile app can transform the way you work in the trades and services industries. Remote access, job visibility and up-to-date information available for staff, your future projects will be easier to manage than ever.

Lauren Sherwin - ProTect Traffic

“I’m a business owner who’s hands-on and onsite, constantly visiting and auditing jobs. The best thing about Magnetize is that I have visibility on every part of the business no matter where I am in the country. It’s brilliant, no more waiting for paperwork and complete visibility for me and my team.”

Lauren Sherwin

Pro-Tect Managing Director/Owner

Transform the way you operate

Magnetize can transformed the way you do business. One system integrates everything you do. Complete visibility and no more paperwork.

Getting Started with Magnetize


When you first jump into Magnetize, have a go with demo jobs scheduled on the calendar to get a feel for it.


Now you’re more comfortable, add your own job info; rates, equipment and staff.


Create, quote and schedule a new job. Magnetize is built so this can be achieved in seconds.


Download the mobile app where staff can check assigned jobs and all job info.


Log the mahi by adding your time, equipment time, consumables, note and photos.


Close and invoice the job, created on Magnetize.

Magnetize speak your language.

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