Magnetize for Civil and Earthmoving

Magnetize is purpose-built for civil and earthmoving businesses who need to schedule both people and equipment, helping see jobs completed on-time and on-budget.

Timelogs on mobile - Magnetize

Levelling up Your Business Operations

Magnetize move heaven and earth to support businesses with scheduling and project completion in the civil and earthmoving industries. With purpose-built software to manage operations and increase the efficiency of work, Magnetize provides the solutions needed to cope with large-scale projects and streamline them for improved outcomes. With the right software system, operations run smoothly. You need simple, attractive and fit-for-purpose software to give you full visibility and control of your jobs.

Schedule people and equipment, complete jobs on-time and on budget, and empower staff to log time, consumables, and health & safety paperwork professionally with Magnetize. It’s the answer the civil and earthmoving industries have been looking for.

Instant Scheduling

Use the Magnetize calendar to instantly schedule and reschedule jobs and staff. This provides a transparent and forward-thinking solution for all members of the team, making everything simpler and more visible than before. Agile business operations are necessary in industries as moveable and changeable as civil and earthmoving. Stay one step ahead with Magnetize.

Manage Equipment

Create a timeline of where your trucks, excavators, bulldozers and cranes have been, currently are, and need to be with the Magnetize app. Keeping track of the equipment on your sites is imperative to a smoothly run project. Record and plan your equipment to stay on task and stay on time.

Empower Your People

Keep things simple and maintain open communication with the Magnetize app. With easy-to-make invoices, accounting integration and the ability to upload notes and photos in one easy-to-find place, staff can check job info, log their work and keep on schedule with the purpose-built solution of one intelligent app on mobile and desktop.

Rodney Campbell from Pro-Drill

“When I take notes and photos, it’s all saved to an awesome job timeline. It’s transformed the way we operate”

Rodney Campbell


Transform the way you operate

See how Magnetize saved thousands in administration costs for Pro-Drill’s operations

Getting Started with Magnetize


When you first jump into Magnetize, have a go with demo jobs scheduled on the calendar to get a feel for it.


Now you’re more comfortable, add your own job info; rates, equipment and staff.


Create, quote and schedule a new job. Magnetize is built so this can be achieved in seconds.


Download the mobile app where staff can check assigned jobs and all job info.


Log the mahi by adding your time, equipment time, consumables, note and photos.


Close and invoice the job, created on Magnetize.

Magnetize can change the landscape for your civil and earthmoving company.

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