Magnetize for Concrete Contractors

Magnetize is a purpose-built job management software system for businesses to level up their operations. See how Magnetize can benefit Concrete Contractors to deliver a better service.

Enhance Job Management with Magnetize

Magnetize is a specialised software system designed to enhance job management for businesses like yours. It empowers you to elevate your operations, enhance customer service and achieve unprecedented efficiency. In industries such as concrete work, including formwork, placement of steel reinforcement, batching, mixing, delivery, placing, finishing, and curing - having a job management software system becomes crucial for staying organised and effectively tracking jobs. With Magnetize, you can streamline your processes, enabling your business to thrive.

Enhanced Job Management - Magnetize

Centralised Job Information

Gain a comprehensive job management solution that centralises all job information in a single, accessible platform with Magnetize, mostly eliminating the need for extensive paperwork. Concrete contractors' job information can often be fragmented, leading to a lack of visibility on job statuses. With Magnetize, you can seamlessly create, quote and schedule jobs in a matter of seconds, providing a streamlined and efficient workflow for your business. Say goodbye to scattered information and enjoy the convenience of having all job details in one secure location, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Financial Transactions

Magnetize simplifies job tracking, covering the entire lifecycle from quotes to invoices and everything in between. Experience the convenience of generating instant invoices and effortlessly making amendments with our intelligent software, which provides flexibility and purpose-built solutions to streamline the quoting and invoicing process.

Organisational Efficiency

In concrete works, maintaining a clear understanding of job assignments and their respective assignees is crucial for seamless operations. Magnetize offers scheduling software that empowers you with real-time access to all job information and updates, whether you're on-site or on the road. With Magnetize, scheduling becomes your new superpower, allowing you to efficiently manage and track job assignments with ease. Stay organised, stay informed, and optimise your workflow with our powerful scheduling software.

Magnetize App

The Magnetize smart desktop and mobile app makes staying connected easier than ever, empowering you to efficiently manage your future projects with confidence. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and embrace the transformative power of Magnetize for a more streamlined and productive workflow.

Rodney Campbell - ProDrill

“The Magnetize app is awesome. It’s easy-to-use and quick. I can see every job I’m on, and any changes. I can log my time and all the consumables. We used to be drowning in paperwork now all of our documents including health & safety are on the app.

When I take notes and photos, it’s all saved to an awesome job timeline. It’s transformed the way we operate”

Rodney Campbell


Transform the way you operate

Magnetize can transformed the way you do business. One system integrates everything you do. Complete visibility and no more paperwork.

Getting Started with Magnetize


When you first jump into Magnetize, have a go with demo jobs scheduled on the calendar to get a feel for it.


Now you’re more comfortable, add your own job info; rates, equipment and staff.


Create, quote and schedule a new job. Magnetize is built so this can be achieved in seconds.


Download the mobile app where staff can check assigned jobs and all job info.


Log the mahi by adding your time, equipment time, consumables, note and photos.


Close and invoice the job, created on Magnetize.

Magnetize speak your language.

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