Magnetize for Construction

Magnetize is purpose-built for operational efficiency, so your construction business can finish jobs on time and on budget with all consumables, equipment and staff time logged in one place.

Timelogs on mobile - Magnetize

The Right Tool for the Job

Magnetize is the perfect, purpose-built tool to help finish jobs on time and on budget in the construction industry. Ditch the paperwork, schedule jobs quickly and log time easily with job scheduling and management software.

The construction industry has its fair share of pain points. In such a complex environment with so many moving parts, keeping on top of all the various aspects is a time-consuming and exhausting task. Scattered job information, unaccounted consumables and chasing staff for timesheets and health & safety documentation can cause a lack of efficiency throughout projects. Magnetize is the right tool to achieve operational efficiency and ensure all equipment and time are accurately logged in one secure management tool.

Scheduling Power

Scheduling is made simple with the Magnetize calendar, granting you the ability to schedule and reschedule jobs and staff instantly. Providing simultaneous transparency to the entire staff means projects become clearer today, tomorrow and in the future. Manage work capacity effectively as the Magnetize calendar provides full visibility of equipment, staff and teams. Magnetize is a purpose-built job management software for the construction industry.

Equipment Management

Magnetize enables you see where all your equipment is booked for the days and weeks ahead. Gain total visibility of your trucks, excavators or other equipment.

Power of the Magnetize App

All under a smart desktop and mobile app, make instant invoices with flexibility, integrate accounts, complete paperwork and upload notes/photos in one secure place. Empower your staff with a fit-for-purpose app built to streamline construction processes and offer solutions to a range of operations.

Kiwi Hire

“Scott and the Magnetize team stood out from the competition. They listened, communicated well and delivered a solution tailored for Kiwi Hire.”

James Worker

Kiwi Hire

Transform the way you operate

Magnetize can transformed the way you do business. One system integrates everything you do. Complete visibility and no more paperwork.

Getting Started with Magnetize


When you first jump into Magnetize, have a go with demo jobs scheduled on the calendar to get a feel for it.


Now you’re more comfortable, add your own job info; rates, equipment and staff.


Create, quote and schedule a new job. Magnetize is built so this can be achieved in seconds.


Download the mobile app where staff can check assigned jobs and all job info.


Log the mahi by adding your time, equipment time, consumables, note and photos.


Close and invoice the job, created on Magnetize.

Magnetize can change the landscape for your construction company.

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